Stories of 2015: November

November was Sweet Potato Awareness Month. Unfortunately Month Awareness Month had passed me by so I only found out when I looked at Wikipedia, compiling this list.

Sweet Potato
I yam what I yam (but I’m not a yam, I’m a Sweet Potato). Photo by Steve Johnson / Flickr.

In the USA, some people call Sweet Potatoes yams, but they’re not. A Yam is a different plant, so people are using the same name for the two plants. In November we discovered that Botanists have the opposite problem, using multiple names for the same species. 15,542 viewers saw the embarrassing news.

There was some controversy about how I labelled the next post, so to clarify: Prof David Gilichinsky found a 32,000 year old seed that could be germinated. In Defense of Plants found the paper. It’s still a good one, and worth reading. That got 12,072 views, so another popular post.

Finally, it was autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and leaves were dropping. It’s not news, but it can still look amazing.

Tomorrow we finish off the year with December’s most popular posts – and that’s not over yet. I’m hoping that these round up posts aren’t proving too popular because it would be awkward to start 2016 with a look back at how we looked back on 2015.