Stories of 2015: May

Our look through the stories of 2015 continues with an odd post in the top spot.

Lily-of-the-valley. Photo: John B. Flickr.

We open with more of a look back that usual. I’d spotted that a post from 2013 was becoming popular, so posted it on Facebook in case anyone missed it the first time round. So this bilingual post by Aurélien Azam from 2013 became our most popular Facebook post in 2015 with 6200 views. It’s pencilled into the schedule to return in 2017.

Second was our post on the Halophyte issue coming out. This got 5204 views.

Finally, Sarah Shailes, has our third most popular post. She for 4814 views on the AoB Facebook page asking if Dandelion is a useful weed.

If you’re not celebrating Christmas today then tomorrow you can look at June and celebrate that it’s Friday.

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