Stories of 2015: August

Things became a bit different in August with a bit of a change in sources for our top stories on the Facebook page. In July they’d all been posted to AoB Blog, but now a couple of other sites make an appearance.

August in Australia
Mount Feathertop in August. In Victoria, Australia. Photo Ed Dunens / Flickr.

A link to review of Mancuso and Viola’s Brilliant Green in the Guardian was our most viewed Facebook post, with 6447 viewers.

Next up came a guest post by undergraduate Naomi Broad, asking where all the Botany degrees have gone in the UK. That got 4399 views. We’ll be making it easier to guest post to AoB Blog in the New Year.

Finally a news story from the BBC on what might be the first flowering plant got 3493 views.

September follows tomorrow, and we get a little star-struck.

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