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Morphological evolution of eupolypod II ferns

Morphological evolution of eupolypod II ferns
Morphological evolution of eupolypod II ferns

Patterns of evolution of fern morphology have long puzzled biologists. Sundue and Rothfels analyse the morphological evolution in the eupolypod II ferns, a clade that comprises approximately a third of extant fern species. Their results indicate that the historic difficulties in classifying these ferns have been due to a combination of evolutionary stasis, with disparate groups appearing to be closely related due to shared ancestral morphologies, and evolutionary convergence, with the repeated evolution of similar features. They find a general congruence of morphological and molecular data and present a revised understanding of sorus evolution. In addition, a chromosome base number of x = 41 is determined to be ancestral for eupolypods, with the eupolypods II characterized by subsequent repeated genome size reductions.

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