April 23, 2014

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  • Aleks Krotowski. Photo: BBC.

    It’s our secret, the Science of Rumour

    Humans are social creatures and we love to share gossip, but we share what we like, not necessarily what is true. So are you living in a golden age of misinformation? If you are how would you know? This week Aleks Krotoski discusses Whispers on The Digital Human, a series that explores how connections via […] More

  • Arabidopsis Mob1 gene regulates organ development

    Arabidopsis Mob1 gene regulates organ development

    Mob1 proteins are kinase regulators that are conserved among eukaryotes and which play a significant role in restraining tumor development. Pinosa et al. study the role of Mob1-like genes in development of Arabidopsis thaliana and find that the function of the gene appears to be indispensable for the growth of vegetative organs as well as […] More