AoB Blog – 2013 in review

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Looking at the statistics for AoB Blog for the past 12 months (Dec 2012-Nov 2013) shows some interesting comparisons with the previous year:

  • In the last year we posted 25% more items than the previous year (441 vs. 331)
  • Blog page views and unique visitors rose by around 40% and 20% respectively
  • Social media followers increased by around 40% (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

Thank you for reading AoB Blog, Happy New Year to you all, and if you’d like us to do something we’re not currently doing, please let us know.


  • Thank you for all the brilliant posts this past year. The information on this blog has really helped me increase my botanical knowledge. Looking forward to seeing what insights and surprises plant science will bring in 2014. All the best, Tim

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