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Daily Archives: Oct 4, 2013

Reaching the masses: true botanical evangelism

I don’t know what the average enrolment on a first-year university plant science course is, but I can guess that it isn’t more than...

Fearful bees can reduce flower pollination

The Plantwise Blog reports that fear of hornets can drive bees away from flowers, affecting pollination of plants.

Pollination syndromes in Australian epacrids

Pollination syndromes investigated using a multivariate approach based on published literature and field observations.

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Habitat partitioning through reproductive interference in Geranium

We’re familiar with seeing insects flit from one flower to the next, carrying pollen as they do so. What happens when they...

Improving overyielding in legume-based mixtures

A major challenge when supporting the development of intercropping systems remains the design of efficient species mixtures. The ecological processes that sustain...

The Oaks of the North Are Unexpectedly Well-Defended

Normally you would expect plant defences to increase, the closer you get to the equator. This is where insect life is more...

Pollen on stigmas as proxies pollinator effectiveness

How do you measure the effectiveness of a pollinator? One common method is to sit patiently by a flower and watch for...