(Not yet) Giant Redwoods for sale

Redwood seeds for sale
Firebox fits a 95m tall tree into a 10cm3 box.

There’s a new product on Firebox that caught my eye. You can now buy Giant Redwoods for planting in the UK, which probably means that they can ship to the EU. Good idea or, in a couple of centuries, will we be lamenting the actions of some green-fingered and very patient vandals who thought it would be fun to plant one in a windowbox in the town centre?

  • When living in California in the 1980s I visited Muir Woods north of San Francisco. One of the items in the visitor centre gift shop was a redwood burr in a nice turned redwood bowl. I decided this would make a good Christmas present for my father in law. I had my eyes on the bowl, but he was intent on growing the burr. After a few months he planted it out in the garden of his house in Birmingham. The last time I saw it, it was easily visible from the street over the roof of the house, and it’s not quite a feature on Google Earth!

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