Message to all students

Money So, you want to earn a lot of money after you graduate to pay off all those debts, right? In that case, according to Which University, you should have done Medicine or Dentistry. But you didn’t get in to those subjects (or why would you be reading AoB Blog – are you lost?) – so your next best choice to become filthy rich is:

Botany (plant sciences): starting salary £28,591

That’s better than Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry (£25,885), Biotechnology and industrial biotechnology (£26,309) or Economics (£25,717)

So if you want to make some serious money, you’d better keep reading this blog.


  • That’s all well and good for across the pond, but here in America I have yet to find ANY work as a Botanist and am working as a pharmacy technician making $12 per hour. I love botany, but if you want to make a living it’s not really something I recommend. I’m going back to school next year to get a Pharmacy degree.