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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Superhero Barley

The International Atomic Energy Authority have released some new videos to their YouTube channel that may interest botanists. The most relevant video is The Birth of Centenario. This is about the breeding of a new strain of barley for the Andean highlands. The video shows how cross-breeding from mutant plants bombarded with radiation has produced a new strain of barley capable of feeding humans in the highlands of Peru.

The other videos are More Food with Better Soil and Food for the Future. These join classics like Better Fruit with Nuclear Technology.

I’m going to have a happy evening browsing the IAEA’s video channel.

Alun Salthttp://alunsalt.com
Alun is the Producer for Botany One. It's his job to keep the server running. He's not a botanist, but started running into them on a regular basis while working on writing modules for an Interdisciplinary Science course and, later, helping teach mathematics to Biologists. His degrees are in archaeology and ancient history.


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