March 2, 2012

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    New Special Issue: Plant Mating Systems

    We have a new special issue out on Plant Mating Systems, with a couple of free access posts. Gynodioecy to dioecy: are we there yet? by Rachel B. Spigler and Tia-Lynn Ashman is a review of the evolution of sexes and sexual strategies in plants. The natural history of pollination and mating in bird-pollinated Babiana […] More

  • Genetic connectivity and evolution in Crepis

    Genetic connectivity and evolution in Crepis

    Islands play a central role in the study of plant evolution in the Mediterranean. Mayol et al.¬†analyse the impact of varying patterns of habitat occupancy on genetic diversity and structure in Crepis triasii, an endemic plant from the eastern Balearic Islands, and find that genetic diversity is highly structured and positively correlated with population connectivity […] More