January 25, 2012

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    Innovate to accumulate!

    As we start another new year people often resolve to do things better than in the old one. And as we continue to face global cash-strapped and financially-straitened times, one resolution for an under-valued botanist might be to make a bit more money. Well, phytological money-making ideas are often few and far between, but allow […] More

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    New food for thought – you are what you eat?

    Recent findings show that genetic material in plant foods may survive digestion, circulate through our bodies and modulate our gene expression. These findings could alter our understanding of nutrition, genetic regulation and open up new vistas for engineering foods.   New foods for thought. Trends Plant Sci. 19 Jan 2012 Tweet More

  • A new fossil taxon of Asteraceae

    A new fossil taxon of Asteraceae

    Barreda et al. describe Raiguenrayun cura gen. & sp. nov., an extinct Eocene taxon of the daisy family that might represent the ancestor of Mutisioideae–Carduoideae, based on an exceptionally well preserved capitulescence of Asteraceae recovered from a 47.5 million-year-old formation in north-west Patagonia, Argentina. The new fossil represents the first reliable point for calibration, favouring […] More