January 17, 2012

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    On our Scoop It between January 3rd and January 17th

    These are links from our Scoop It page between January 3rd and January 17th: The Archaeobotanist: African Archaeobotany 2011 A blog reviewing Dorian Fuller's archaeobotanical highlights of 2011. Africa, as a continent, remains one of the archaeobotanically least known and so it worth noting a number of contributions over the past year. One of the […] More

  • Carrots Transformed by Agrobacterium infections

    Carrot Transformation with Agrobacterium

    This videoblog from www.AoBBlog.com is about one of the Cell and Developmental Biology practicals that I run at the University of Leicester for course #BS1003. It involves infection of carrot root slices with three strains of Agrobacterium, two of which cause the plant cells to divide. An earlier video showed how we set up the […] More