November 15, 2011

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    On our Scoop It between November 8th and November 14th

    These are links from our Scoop It page between November 8th and November 14th: Debate: Is Research for Development Relevant to Water and Food Challenges? The International Forum on Water and Food is the premier gathering of water and food scientists working on improving agriculture production in developing countries. … research-for-development is highly relevant precisely because […] More

  • Anna Lætita Barbauld (née Aikin), Poems (1773). From Poems: a hypertext edition, eds. Lisa Vargo & Allison Muri, University of Maryland

    Prof. in a box

    In the good old days of the late 18th Century in England it was considered the height of scientific enquiry for a polymath cleric to put a mouse in a bell jar to demonstrate that animals could be sustained by the dephlogisticated air – oxygen – conveniently released by plants during the then unnamed-and-even-now-not-entirely-understood process […] More