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Daily Archives: Oct 5, 2011

That first University lecture on biological sciences

What to tell new Biological Science students in their first lecture? We are drowning in high-quality information, but need to teach how to find and evaluate information, and what to do with it. Social media now plays a part in this, and Practical classes are one of the greatest opportunities for learning.

Growth and carbon budgets in Nothofagus

Growth decline with age in trees is hypothesized to be an effect of carbon limitation. By assessing carbon reserves and isotopes at different ontogenetic...

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Habitat partitioning through reproductive interference in Geranium

We’re familiar with seeing insects flit from one flower to the next, carrying pollen as they do so. What happens when they...

Improving overyielding in legume-based mixtures

A major challenge when supporting the development of intercropping systems remains the design of efficient species mixtures. The ecological processes that sustain...

The Oaks of the North Are Unexpectedly Well-Defended

Normally you would expect plant defences to increase, the closer you get to the equator. This is where insect life is more...

Pollen on stigmas as proxies pollinator effectiveness

How do you measure the effectiveness of a pollinator? One common method is to sit patiently by a flower and watch for...