Rice finally makes impact!

Image: US Department of State.
Image: US Department of State.

The Springer-published, peer-reviewed, economically entitled research journal Rice, which is devoted to… err… rice, has received its first Impact Factor (a metric by which journals are evaluated and ranked – rightly or wrongly!) for 2010 of 2.9. However, Rice, which offers ‘the world’s only high-quality serial [not cereal? – Ed.] publication for reporting current advances in rice genetics, structural and functional genomics, comparative genomics, molecular biology and physiology, molecular breeding and comparative biology’, will still have some way to go to compete with the Impact Factors of other plant taxon-specific titles such as ‘Arabidopsis’ (alternatively entitled The Plant Cell) or ‘Arabidopsis-lite’ (more usually known as The Plant Journal). [We’re only jealous – Ed.]

Written by Nigel Chaffey

Nigel is a botanist and was a full-time academic at Bath Spa University (Bath, near Bristol, UK) until 31st July, 2019. As News Editor for the Annals of Botany he contributed the monthly Plant Cuttings column to that august international botanical organ (until March 2019). He remains a botanist and is now a freelance plant science communicator who continues to share his Cuttingsesque items with a plant-curious audience. In that guise his main goal is to inform (hopefully, in an educational, and entertaining way...) about plants and plant-people interactions.

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