Looking for things to like

It's great when you find Botany you like
It's great when you find Botany you like.
Photo (cc) Timothy Tolle.
We’re reworking our Facebook page, now that the new layouts are available. You could use the page as a sampler for the blog, but I’m wondering if we can do more with it. One of the things Facebook is good at is making connections, so I’d like to do that.

Can you suggest any pages we ought to like? I’m particularly interested in Botany and Plant Science university departments so that we can connect prospective students to departments in the search tool. If you like us then pages we like are moved up in your results in Facebook’s search engine. The more of your connections have a connection to a page the higher it gets, so connecting well helps improve your social searching. The proviso is that as the Annals of Botany we can only like Pages, not Groups because of how Facebook is set up. While we like the Society for Experimental Biology, we can’t like it because it’s a Group not a Page. Also we’re only interested in Pages that are curated by their owners. For example we don’t like the American Journal of Botany’s page, because it’s not run by the American Journal of Botany, but we do like the Botanical Society of America who run the journal, because they administer their own page.

Please leave any suggestions below or on Facebook.