November 23, 2010

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  • Roadside Botany ...

    The roadside botanist, bananas and cassava biodiversity

      This week’s roadside botany in the Brazilian Cerrado: eleven wild species of cassava, Manihot, extensive bananas and exceptional biodiversity. The morning showed the remarkable cassava plant breeding project in the context of EMBRAPA Cerrados, and their evaluation programme for Musa genotypes, while the afternoon looked at wild species. In a tour led by Luiz Carvalho (part […] More

  • Robin Ince and Brian Cox in the Infinite Monkey Cage

    The origin of modern Botany and the Infinite Monkey Cage

    Some ideas work and some ideas don’t. Sticking Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince together for half an hour each week works. The Infinite Monkey Cage is their weekly show on Radio 4 (available worldwide as a podcast) where they discuss topics with various guests. Last week Andy Hamilton in for a chat about the […] More