New issue, new look, new offer for bloggers and journalists

Annals of Botany October cover

The October edition of Annals of Botany is now available online. As well as the free Plant Cuttings, there’s also a free review of Plant cell biology. From astronomy to zoology. How do you get astronomy and zoology into plants cells? You’ll have to read the review.

There’s a free short communication Did Drosera evolve long scapes to stop their pollinators from being eaten? which we publicised earlier with the press release Sundews just want to be loved.

There’s a new press release out today, Withering well can improve fertility that goes with Marcescent corollas as functional structures: effects on the fecundity of two insect-pollinated plants by Carlos M. Herrera. The papers in the journal are funded either by subscriptions or through Oxford Open so there’s a limit to how much we can give free access too. This is a pain if you want to write or blog about the paper and want to check that I’ve not gone on some strange flight of fancy writing the press release. That’s no longer a problem.

If you want to write about an Annals of Botany paper and you don’t have access to it then we can send you the paper if you’re a science writer. ‘Writer’ includes bloggers, so if you’re a science blogger email us at ANNALSBOTANY [at] and we’ll get you a copy. This applies to any paper you’d like to write about, not just ones with press releases. I’m working on the principle that an expert in botany is going to see plenty that I’ve missed as potential blog material.

As for the new look, October is on it’s way. It’s getting a bit late for sunflowers in the northern hemisphere so I’ve changed the site here to an autumn theme. I’m told by someone who can recognise different types of trees from quite a long way away that this type of tree is the Larch.

  • I am interested in writing papers as I am an Associate Professor in botany.kindly let me know the guidelines.

  • Dr Aruna, I am not sure what sort of writing you refer to! Research papers are published in Annals of Botany – see any recent issue at You can write about papers we publish anywhere, and we can send you PDF copies if you can’t download them (and we will make them freely available from our website for others if your readers need to refer back to them). We also welcome contributions to this AoBBlog along the lines of the other original pieces we publish; please e-mail them to us and we will review them.

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